Celebrating 121 Years of Service

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Natick Community Organic Farm

The annual Maple Magic at the Natick Community Organic Farm drew good-sized crowds on Saturday 3/10, first to Memorial School for the pancake breakfast, then to the farm for maple-sugaring tours.

The breakfast itself featured gluten-free pancakes along with the regular stuff; a raffle in memory of Harriet Buckingham, a longtime supporter of the farm who died in January; a host of local organizations, from Project Bread to the Natick Historical Society; a performance from the Silver Leaf Jazz Band; and more.

At the farm, visitors could tour the grounds, learn how native and colonial Americans made maple syrup, visit the sugar shack to see sap boil, purchase farm products and more.  As of Saturday, the farm has produced 137 gallons of maple syrup.

Fair & Yeager Insurance is offering a special deal — get an insurance quote from them next time you’re renewing your policies, and the agency will donate $20 towards the farm’s drive to build a commercial kitchen.

For details, call Fair & Yeager at (508) 653-3131 and ask for Tony. Say you’re a friend of the farm; you will be asked to fill out a short informational form. You may also email NCOF@fyins.com.

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