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2012 Readers Choice Awards

Fair & Yeager Insurance would like to thank all of those who helped us receive the 2012 Readers Choice Award #1 Insurance Agency in Natick & Gold Region Award.

Fair & Yeager Insurance Agency, is a third generation, family-owned and operated Independent Insurance Agency committed to providing quality Homeowners, Automobile, Business, and Life Insurance products to all of our customers since 1898.

Our Mission is to be the leading full service insurance agency serving the Metrowest communities by providing quality insurance products to individuals and businesses with a staff of highly trained personnel who share a tradition of integrity and superior service to its client base.

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Please take a moment to look away from the inundation of ads telling you to name your own price or save, save, save on your insurance coverage.  The basic premise of insurance does not change with competition – it is intended to protect you and your assets from an unintended and unexpected loss.
Rather than searching for the “cheapest” insurance, consumers should use the competitive market to enhance their insurance protection, and possibly save premium at the same time.  A few points to follow to accomplish this goal;
·         Combine your auto and home policies to the same insurance carrier.  Substantial account, loyalty, and loss free discounts can become available to you by doing this.
·         Make sure your home is insured to its full replacement cost, and increase your homeowners policy property deductible to $1000.00.  The saving for this change is meaningful, and submitting a claim for under $1000 would mean a minimal claim payment, and possible premium increases down the road
·         Automobile Insurance – increase your Bodily Injury to others (part 5) to $250,000/person $500,000/accident, and your Property Damage (part 4) to at least $100,000.  To offset the premium increase, change your collision deductible to $1000, this results in a measurable discount. 
·         Bodily Injury and Property Damage are automobile policy coverage that protect you when a third party sues you.  To purchase low liability limits is leaving all of your assets exposed to the unforeseen event.
·         Purchase an Umbrella Liability policy – a $1,000,000 limit which is excess of your auto and home liability limits is a must, and it is fairly inexpensive.
The key point to remember is to take advantage of the competitive market and insure physical loss to your own property with higher deductibles,  use the premium savings to secure proper third party liability limits.
Written by:
Arthur B. Fair, III,
Fair & Yeager Insurance Agency
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It’s a new year and many people are asking the question: How do I get the best insurance coverage for my car, home, business etc. at the best price?

Insurance consumers have 2 ways to obtain their coverage; either from a Direct Writer or Independent Agent?

First, you need to know the difference in order to choose Direct Writer or Independent Agent.

What is a Direct Writer?

A direct writer is an insurance company that doesn’t have representatives to write their business. Their employees are the only ones who write and service your policy. Progressive Insurance and Geico Insurance, for example, are direct writers. As a policy holder, you call these companies directly and it is their employees who service your policies. Unlike Independent Agents who represent multiple companies, the direct writer can only place your business within their own company.  This is sort of like an ice cream shop selling only vanilla ice cream.

Why use an Independent agent?

Most independent agents represent multiple companies and will shop your policy to find the best coverage at the best premium. If there is a problem between you, the policy holder, and the insurance company, the independent agent will represent you. Independent agents can review your policies prior to renewal and can remarket your policies with other companies to reflect better pricing and coverage. Independent agents also can assist, support and advise you during a claim. Many direct companies have claim adjusters that are salaried employees and are therefore biased. Independent agents form a relationship with their clients and policyholders are usually assigned to one customer service representative or have a staff to personally assist you.  There are no fees or additional policy costs to using an independent agent.

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